image of the spacious and stylish interior of FRIDA salon
a boutique salon

"Why did you name your hair salon Frida?"

I've been asked this countless times since opening Frida 5 years ago. It's a good question!

Frida Kahlo isn't just a favorite artist and creative hero of mine. To me she is a glorious example of a woman who defined the meaning of beauty for herself, rather than allowing the fashion industry or society to dictate that standard for her.

The 1930's and 40's were glamorous time periods for women. While Hollywood and the fashion capitals of the world were lauding Schiaparelli, Chanel and Dior Frida wore her indigenous Tejuana dress and elaborate hairstyles decorated with ribbons and flowers. She skipped the arched eyebrows popular at the time and yes, kept her subtle mustache. She was her own person and wore her looks proudly.

Frida Kahlo embodied the true meaning of personal style so it seemed only natural to name the salon after her. At Frida we won't tell you what hairstyle you *should* have, we'll work with you to come up with a look that is uniquely yours.

At Frida you are an original!
-Darren Mills, owner

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